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How to select a contractor

Selecting a contractor can be difficult but following these basic guidelines can make your task much easier. We suggest you ask each contractor you're considering these questions before making a decision.

This Contractor Checklist is provided for your convenience by M.Y. Construction, Inc.

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Does your contractor...?

Have a minimum of 10 years experience?

Every job, every house has its own unique features. Only by hiring a contractor with a large base of experience can you be assured of satisfaction. -- We have been in business since 1991.

Use top quality materials and placement methods?

It is tempting to use shortcuts in the placement of materials. Often inferior-quality materials are used, resulting in a finished product that does not stand the test of time. Ask about the strength of the concrete, the size and amount of reinforcement, compaction of the sub-grade, and the correct mix of mortar/cement, just to name a few. -- We don't shortcut quality in materials or workmanship.

Have a Class A license?

Class A contractors must meet the strictest standards required by the Commonwealth of Virginia and Fairfax County. Although not required on all projects, it is your assurance of a first-class professional. -- We are fully licensed and compliant.

Have the appropriate insurance?

Does your contractor have enough Liability insurance and Workman's Compensation insurance in the unlikely event of an accident? -- We are fully insured.

Have trade references?

These are available through the Better Business Bureau and other local consumer groups. -- We invite you to check our references.

Have consumer references?

Ask for a list of references, from which you can select three to call. -- We encourage you to contact our past customers for references.

Have reference letters?

Can this contractor provide you with at least three reference letters? -- We will be happy to show our letters of reference.

Have a sample contract?

Is everything spelled out, in detail, in a professionally presented contract? -- No surprises. We promise. In writing.

Answer all of your questions courteously, clearly, and professionally?

Guarantee that he or the project manager will supervise the job from beginning to end until you are satisfied? -- We stay on top of every detail from beginning to end.